Every day dozens of projects are implemented
After many of these projects were sold out
They take their income out of the ecosystem
This causes Solana to lose blood every day

Vicious cycle

Many projects do not consider changing meta and innovating something for ecosystem. Generally, they prefer ways such as drawing 1 design, advertising to 3-5 influencers, creating hype on Discord and Twitter, offering repetitive roadmaps such as giveaway, auction, raffle after sold out, giving tokens as a daily stake reward and getting Gen2 collection.

Secondary market

The projects are trying to create a sustainable system with only a secondary income model. Unfortunately, these trades may not always take place and this mechanism cannot turn into a business model.


99% of the projects can't go beyond RUG. It makes all communities worried about their investment. In this case, communities can not see projects as an investment and try to flip everything.

Floor price

When the floor price of quality projects is increasing, they have difficulty finding new holders and holders are also worried about holding their NFTs.


If investors cannot find a structure to protect their investments in return then NFTs are becoming gambling.


Projects do not have solid plans for generating sustainable cash flow.

Algorithmic Trade

Algorithmic trade; automated trading with special bots 
Via Binance API with unique algorithms 
performs automatic buy-sell transactions.


A2Z has tools used by expert engineers.


Algorithmic trading is the core business of the A2Z team. Therefore, it derives its financial strength from here.


We do only spot trading. We do not have any leverage or high-risk trades.

Low risk

It aims to generate regular and sustainable income on a monthly basis with lower risk.

Income model

We will make algorithmic trading with 50% of the project's mint revenues.

Income distribution

40% of the profits will be transferred to insurance pool, 40% to respect pool and 20% will be used in the development of the project.

Respect Pool

We are committed to quality and large projects in the ecosystem.
We aim to support and the name of the new system we have brought is "RESPECT POOL"
Quality and visionary with 40% of Algorithmic Trade revenues
It will continuously invest in NFT projects.

''Respect pool'' shareholders

Each holder will be a shareholder of the RESPECT POOL as many as the number of NFTs they have.

NFTs income

When the NFTs of other purchased projects are sold, 50% of the revenue will be added to the insurance pool. The remaining income will remain in the Respect Pool to be used in different NFT projects.

Pool management

Our professional team will decide on NFT projects to be bought and sold with the revenues of RESPECT POOL.

Award revenues

Airdrop, stake reward, etc. of received projects. They will be transferred to Respect Pool to be used in different NFT projects.

Insurance Pool

The system aims to guarantee your investments.
In the first stage, it will guarantee launch value.
A2Z team commits to buying all NFTs back
if you list NFTs with mint price or under mint price.

Mint revenue

50% of the project's launch revenues will be added to the insurance pool.

NFTs value

As the amount in INSURANCE POOL rises, the guaranteed amount for 1 NFT will increase continuously. The insurance pool will be upgraded and announced on a weekly basis.


All $SOL we have in INSURANCE POOL will be added to validators gradually. Validators revenues will come back to INSURANCE POOL.


With the growing insurance pool, the insurance value of the NFT will increase, and all NFTs listed at this price and below will be automatically purchased.

Algorithmic trading revenue

40% of algorithmic trading revenues will be added to insurance pool on a weekly basis.

Buy back NFTs

A2Z NFTs purchased by the A2Z team will remain in the insurance pool. NFTs in the insurance pool will be selling with auction models and the revenue will be added back to insurance pool.


A2Z team and A2Z DAO community,
"algorithmic trade, insurance pool and respect pool"
turns into a bigger and more powerful project
with its unique features.


software engineer
author (c++&c#)



chemical engineer
product manager